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In-Car Security

Our Technology

01 / Fuzzing Testing

An automated software testing technique that involves providing invalid,unexpected, or random data as inputs to a computer program to cause issues such as crashes or potential memory leaks

02 / Penetration Testing

An automated Penetration testing that involves the usage of different hacking techniques impacting areas such as Secure Boot, Firmware Update, Protocols, Hardware Interfaces, File System and Security Mechanisms

03 / Compliance

Using our Automated Security Testing Suite, you can automatically generate compliance reports to comply with the most relevant cybersecurity standards like ISO/SAE 21434, GB/T 38628 or JASPAR ST

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Meet Luchs

Our Story

We are a group of Israeli-German automotive cyber security experts who offer a different approach to the cyber security automotive industry by integrating our automated security testing platform to the existing in-car controller (ECU) development life cycle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to allow automotive suppliers not only to easily comply and to "check the box" with the new world-wide automotive cyber-security regulations, but also to conduct a real hands-on cyber security testing on their products, automatically and remotely.

Our Technology

Luchs Platform translates regulations and cyber security requirements into hands-on security testing and automatically conducts remote security tests (Penetration Testing, Fuzzing Testing, Vulnerability Scanning) on different out-of-the-box automotive interfaces such as CAN, UDS, Automotive Ethernet, Bluetooth Wifi, and more.


Luchs SaaS

Luchs Security
Automotive Supplier

Get in touch

Italian Office:

Via Francesco Selmi, 15
41121, Modena (MO), Italy

Israel Office:

Shevah St 7, 6777937

Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

German Office:

Grünewaldstraße 30, 30177 Hannover Germany


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